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Rayna in Chichen Itza

Rayna in Iceland

A Bit About Me...

I've been obsessed with words since the beginning. At age 2, I shocked my parents by rattling off street names from my car seat. And, at age 6, I wrote (and illustrated) a book entitled Nobody Listens to Rayna.

After winning a writing scholarship for Santa Clara University's Young Scholars Program in high school, I got my bachelor's in English from UCLA. 

Now, 20-plus years later, having worked on tons of global brands - from Lexus to Cisco to IBM - in both agency and client environments, I'm here to help with all your content needs. Reach out anytime.

How I Can Help
- Content strategy and brand storytelling
- Ideation and brainstorming
- Brand positioning and campaign narratives
- Writing and editing short- and long-form copy 

    Content Marketing and SEO Certifications

    Favorite Albums of 2022

    Along with words, music is my life - and I LOVE to share it. So, in addition to my marketing work, I actively write for Albumism. Here's what's been tickling my ears (and mind) in recent months.